Delta Survey Scam

Heading into the summer travel season, it is crucial to remain cautious of the proliferating Delta Air Lines scams circulating widely on social media. These scams have gained significant traction, accumulating numerous shares, comments, and likes, which can make them appear deceptively legitimate. To protect yourself, it is essential to acquire the knowledge to identify and avoid these scams. Continue reading to discover valuable insights on how to recognize and steer clear of them.

In recent years, allegations of scams and fraudulent practices have been levied against Delta Airlines, casting a shadow of doubt on their operations. This article aims to delve into the claims and investigate the Delta Survey Scam, exploring the facts, perspectives, and implications surrounding these allegations.

Scam of $1,000 credit from Delta Airlines 

On social media platforms, scammers are actively spreading a deceitful scheme targeting women aged 40 and above, offering them a chance to win a $1000 credit for Delta Air Lines by answering a mere four questions. What makes these scams particularly cunning is the extensive volume of fabricated reactions, comments, and shares they have accumulated, creating an illusion of authenticity. These misleading posts often include comment sections filled with individuals claiming to have successfully obtained the $1000 credit. It is evident how easy it could be for someone to be misled and fall victim to this scam.

It is important to recognize that none of the individuals commenting on these posts have genuinely earned any money or credit. Both the posts themselves and the accompanying comments are entirely fabricated by scammers. The intention behind the seemingly positive comments is to entice people into clicking the “Apply now” button located at the bottom of the posts. However, this button redirects users to a fraudulent survey page specifically designed to collect their personal information.

Upon reaching the fake survey page, victims are prompted to answer the four seemingly straightforward questions. However, the danger lies in the subsequent step where they are required to provide personal details such as their name, address, and phone number. As soon as this information is entered into the counterfeit survey page, it falls into the hands of the scammers, who can exploit it for various malicious purposes. They may employ the data to target victims with phishing scams tailored to their profiles, or worse, sell and leak the information on underground hacker forums and the dark web.

Anniversary Scam at Delta Air Lines 

Social media has witnessed the circulation of yet another Delta Air Lines scam, which cunningly misleads individuals into thinking that the airline is hosting a contest to commemorate its 95th anniversary, offering a chance to win $8000. This scam operates similarly to the previously mentioned $1000 credit scam, sharing the same objective of stealing people’s personal information. However, in this case, victims are also coerced into sharing the link to the fraudulent survey with their loved ones. Regrettably, as demonstrated in the following Reddit post, individuals have fallen prey to this deceit and have unknowingly propagated the scam by sharing it with others.

Sweepstake[.]com Scam at Delta Air Lines 

The scam we just discussed shares a striking resemblance to the aforementioned scams. However, it is important to be aware of a larger scam website called Sweepstake[.]com, which operates as a significant component of these fraudulent activities. Despite claiming to be “America’s No. 1 Trusted Sweepstakes Portal,” Sweepstake[.]com has been unequivocally confirmed as a scam site. The website hosts numerous survey scams that are specifically crafted to collect individuals’ personal information. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid any involvement with this site to safeguard your personal data.


The allegations surrounding the Delta Survey scam have ignited a contentious debate about the airline’s business practices and their impact on passengers and employees. While the claims of deceptive pricing, poor customer service, and mistreatment cannot be dismissed outright, it is important to consider all perspectives and await the outcome of ongoing investigations and legal actions. Regardless of the final verdict, these allegations serve as a reminder that the airline industry must strive for transparency, accountability, and fair treatment of all stakeholders to restore and maintain public trust.

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