Get your lost/stolen money back from scammers/fraudsters.

Are you the victim of scams/fraud? Get help and guidance from us. Act immediately


Report scam to us

If you are a scam victim, report the scam immediately to us. Earlier the better. It helps us in building case winning strategy as per the customer’s budget. Moreover, the scammers may still be operating and their website may be active.


We are the best

We are one of the most transparent fund recovery companies in the world. We work in the most ethical, straightforward way, and give results within a specific time frame. For us, only the result matters


Tools and techniques

Scammers are getting more sophisticated and lethal day by day. We use the best tools, techniques, and software to combat cybercrime. We frequently update our skills, knowledge, and technology to nail scammers down.


Our aim and mission

Scam victims should get a full refund.

Mostly innocent and newbie traders fall victim to these scams. Through our scam reviews, they get information about dishonest brokers and scammers who are actively operating in the market. Once the newbie comes to know about the scams brokers can help themselves avoid falling into the trap. We advise traders to only go for regulated and authorized brokers. Open account with only those brokers who are regulated by known regulating authorities like FCA, SEC, ASIC, CONSOB, CySEC, CNMV, etc.

  • Check for regulation status.
  • Check for leverage offered.
  • Avoid persuading brokers.
  • Report scam to the appropriate authority.

Expertise We'll help you!

We are into consulting and investigative services.

If you have been duped by scammers/fraudsters reach out to our team of experts. Our professional team members will help you recover funds


Our Combined workforce experience is more than 30 years

Legal Experts

We have legal experts who know every point of law

No Scam

We keep the privacy of our clients and no data is leaked.


Scam Victims can have a full belief on us. We will not scam you again



Cases solved


Thousand dollars Recovered


cases on process


Countries covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts? Let us clarify and answer you.

What steps should I take, if I am the victim of a scam?

In case, you have given control of your account to scammers, immediately take steps to recover the account with help and guidance from Scams Report. Though scammer will try to misguide you, that you cannot take control of your account, you can always recover your account. Even if the scammer has changed all your account information like password, phone number, email ID, etc.

How can I protect myself from scams?

Be sceptical when you interact online. Scammers will pressurize you, use threats, demand, claim for taxes, make you decide in haste, etc.

Be mindful of unexpected claims made by scammers like winning a lottery, hitting a jackpot, easy money, inheritance claim, winning a prize, transfer of a large amount of money, etc. It can even be through your friend or close acquaintance. They may have fallen prey to scammers too.

How can I report a scammer?

Approach your local authority immediately. Report the scam to them. Since scammers operate from an unknown region, local police approach Interpol if the case is outside their jurisdiction, and that wastes a lot of time.

Your proof of communication with scammers, through email, text, message, chat, etc. helps speed up the investigation. Keep it handy.

What to do if I receive a suspicious/disbelieving message from my friend or contact list?

Maybe your friend’s account has been compromised by the scammers. Remember it is the scammer who is sending you messages/emails and not your friend or acquaintance.Communicate with your friend/acquaintance and clear the matter. Inform them that their account is being misused. They can put their account on hold or delete it.

How can Scams Report help me recover my lost funds?

Scams Report offers you consulting and investigating services. We track down the digital fingerprint of the transaction. We do cyber analysis and trace the flow of funds to recover your lost/stolen funds.

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