FirstCapital1 Review

FirstCapital1 Review: Introduction

FirstCapital1 is an unregulated and anonymous brokerage firm, featuring a website inundated with irrelevant information and numerous red flags. Read this complete FirstCapital1 review to know why we added this broker to our Scam Brokers 2023 page.

Their complete lack of transparency, including the absence of any registration, regulation, or ownership details, unequivocally indicates that they should not be relied upon. This singular fact should instill skepticism regarding their credibility.

Contrary to their assertions of providing a diverse range of financial products, an advanced trading platform, and advantageous trading terms, FirstCapital1 ultimately reveals itself as a deceitful scam. We strongly caution against entrusting your funds to this FirstCapital1 broker, as they cannot be considered a secure custodian for your investments.

Website –

Address – Bärengasse 16, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Warning – Alberta Securities Commission (Alberta), British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada)

Regulation – Unregulated, Blacklisted

Domain Age –

Date RegisteredNovember 08, 2022
Domain Age10 months, 18 days, 13 hours, 50 minutes, 52 seconds

Is FirstCapital1 legit or a scam?

FirstCapital1 website is inundated with an excessive amount of irrelevant information and empty commitments, strategically employed to obscure their failure to divulge crucial regulatory oversight details. This is a classic hallmark utilized by unscrupulous brokers to mask their lack of regulatory compliance, and it is glaringly evident in this instance.

Furthermore, it is imperative to take note that FirstCapital1 operates with an almost anonymous presence, offering exceedingly limited identification information on its website. The sole details provided consist of a solitary address in Switzerland and contact phone numbers, yet our thorough investigation has yielded no evidence linking this address to the broker.

In our comprehensive search within the official FINMA register, the unsurprising revelation emerged that FirstCapital1 is NOT under regulatory oversight in Switzerland.

Warning issued against FirstCapital1

The Swiss regulatory authority (FINMA) has issued an official cautionary notice regarding FirstCapital1. The warning explicitly conveys that this entity is not “listed in the commercial register.” Moreover, the Alberta Securities Commission (Alberta), and the British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada) regulators also issued a public warning against FirstCapital1.

FirstCapital1 is not a legitimate Swiss brokerage; instead, it operates as an anonymous trading scam without a valid license. It is imperative that you heed this regulatory warning and refrain from engaging in any trading activities with FirstCapital1.

FirstCapital1 Review: Trading Assets

While FirstCapital1 claims to provide a wide array of trading instruments, including Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Crypto, and ETFs, our strong conviction that their platform is deceitful and spurious leads us to strongly urge traders to exercise extreme caution and steer clear of this untrustworthy broker entirely.

FirstCapital1 Review: Trading Platform

FirstCapital1 trading platform operates as a web-based terminal. We had the opportunity to view it, but unfortunately, we were unable to execute trades due to the absence of a demo account feature.

However, it’s worth noting that the platform is rather rudimentary, offering only basic features such as elementary charts and graphs. Notably, it lacks advanced trading tools and options, including automated trading and real-time market reports.

FirstCapital1 Review: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The deposit requirements imposed by FirstCapital1 for their accounts are exorbitant. The Self-Managed account mandates a minimum deposit of $250, while the VIP account sets an astonishing threshold at a quarter of a million dollars. It’s worth noting that the industry standard for a minimum deposit typically falls below $200.

The fact that an unlicensed and untrustworthy company is demanding such a substantial deposit is both concerning and nonsensical. FirstCapital1 asserts that they accept payments via credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallet payment systems.

Furthermore, the absence of information regarding withdrawal fees on the FirstCapital1 website raises another red flag for prospective traders.

FirstCapital1 Review: Conclusion

If you’ve suffered financial losses with FirstCapital1, please don’t panic. The reassuring aspect is that assistance is accessible. The Scams Report team, a specialized group committed to aiding consumers in reclaiming lost funds online, is ready to assist you in your fund recovery process. Just fill out a complaint form using our website and get a free consultation from our experts.

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