Eutradergo Review


Unauthorised Firm: The FCA states that EUTRADERGO / EU TRADER GO may be providing financial services or products without their authorisation. The firm is not authorised by the FCA and is targeting people in the UK.

Firm Details: The firm’s name is EUTRADERGO / EU TRADER GO, and it provides an address in London, an email address (, and a website ( The FCA warns that some firms may give incorrect contact details or details that belong to another business or individual.

Red Flags

Unregulated Broker

EUTRADERGO / EU TRADER GO is an unregulated trading brokerage. The company doesn’t list the official owner or the legal jurisdiction. The review found no proof of legitimacy after searching through the registers of FCA, ASIC, BaFin, and other significant authorities.

Trading Terms

The company offers a leverage of 1:200 to 1:500, which is against all the laws in the EU and the US. The EU follows the ESMA directive that sets a limit of 1:30 for retail traders due to high risks. For the same reason, the US NFA set a limit of 1:50.

Withdrawal Issues

According to EUTRADERGO Review, this brokerage doesn’t approve payout requests. They delay you and give you different excuses. In some cases, account managers can even ask you to cover alleged taxes and payout fees.


The only means of communication is a web form. Your ticket can easily be forgotten and you may never get the needed assistance.

What makes people suspicious of scam brokers?

The EUTRADERGO review raises suspicion about the legitimacy of the broker, signaling a potential scam. The following are some of the fraudulent activities that any scam broker engages in:

  • The terms and conditions of scam brokers are such, that it makes withdrawal impossible. Even if it is not possible to bonus. The rules and regulations condition are kept purposefully in such a way as to defraud traders/investors.
  • The scam broker calls you umpteen times to invest more and more amounts in the account.
  • Claims made through the website are untrue and are virtually not possible to achieve, execute or discharge.
  • Returns on investments (ROI) promised by scam brokers on their websites are nearly impossible to achieve.
  • Risk warnings while trading is not declared/disclosed on the webpage or would be disclosed in very small fonts at some corner of the page which is hardly readable/noticeable.
  • The scam brokers are active in the initial period; later on, they may not communicate with you or avoid replying altogether. They may change the URL or company’s name without notifying traders.
  • The broker may be operating from those countries where regulation rules are lenient or vague. More often than not these countries are heaven for scam brokers.
  • In the initial period, EUTRADERGO may show you that you are making huge gains/profits, but as soon as you submit a withdrawal request, your trades start making losses. Or they will point out some of their illegitimate rules of withdrawals whereby it will be impossible to withdraw.


Scammed by EU TRADER GO broker? Here is how you can get full help in recovery.

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